Case study

Recruiter accelerates shift-based staffing with JoinedUp

April 18, 2024

Recruitment provider positions itself for portfolio growth by embracing JoinedUp's workforce management platform.
An expert recruitment provider delivering staffing solutions to the UK's public and private sectors needed a technology solution to automate its high-volume, shift-based staffing business.
In addition to meeting its clients' fast-paced scheduling requirements, it needed better visibility to manage its activities and improve financial performance strategically. 
Technology that inspires confidence
To fulfill its promises to clients, the company implemented JoinedUp. Now, it can confidently offer its services to more clients without sacrificing quality or putting undue stress on its operational resources.
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Download this complimentary client success story to learn how JoinedUp's innovative shift-based labor management program immediately delivered improvements and efficiencies to transform labor management, including:
  • Streamlined scheduling with instant visibility into shift schedules
  • Simplified shift fulfillment, including split shifts, night shifts, and minimum guaranteed hour shifts
  • "Mass assignment management," including requests, work orders, timecards, rate adjustments, and notifications
  • Compliance risk mitigation

Looking to manage your shift-based workforce more efficiently and cost-effectively?

For more details, download this client success story.