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JoinedUp and Beeline transform the world of workforce management.

May 6, 2021

Beeline, the pioneer of the world’s first extended workforce platform, today announced the acquisition of JoinedUp. The combination of the two businesses further affirms a market leading position as the only global platform with end-to-end capabilities and functionality for clients to source and manage the full spectrum of the extended workforce.

While vendor management systems (VMS) have traditionally serviced some high-volume staffing, they've not been widely adopted due to the complexities in managing this labor category. The market has long sought a provider focused on the workflow and nuances associated with shift work. JoinedUp’s workforce management solution caters to shift-based work with its innovative approach to order fulfilment, scheduling, availability, time entry, and invoicing. This integration uniquely equips Beeline to better serve all contingent workforce needs for existing clients, while also allowing the combined company to capture new market share where shift-based work is the dominant source of an organization’s non-employee labor.

Doug Leeby, Beeline CEO, said, “Shift-based work is about one thing - fulfilling open shifts. JoinedUp allows us to offer an elegant and efficient solution that benefits both the client’s site personnel as well as the staffing firms responsible for servicing this highly dynamic environment. Integrated into Beeline, we provide the head office with compliance and visibility and provide field operations with scheduling, time & attendance, and complex rate calculations. JoinedUp has built an incredible team and a proven product, and we can’t wait to introduce these capabilities to our clients.”

“Managing shift-based assignments is massively inefficient today, creating one of the biggest pain points for companies and workers alike,” said Adam Thompson, JoinedUp co-founder and owner. “Organizations need to fill openings quickly, and workers need an easy way to find shifts. When we take JoinedUp’s capabilities and pair them with Beeline’s extensive client base all over the world, we will have a huge impact on these pain points and enable better productivity for enterprises, staffing firms, and workers alike.”

Agencies and End-hirers

The combination of the two businesses will expand greater possibilities in support and development of the JoinedUp platform.

Any existing business relationships and contractual agreements in place remain unchanged.

Clients of the JoinedUp platform with any additional questions about this news should reach out directly with your JoinedUp account manager or contact us.


There will be no changes to how workers access or use JoinedUp to manage shifts and data. Likewise the relationships workers have with agencies and end hirers remains exactly the same.

If workers have any queries they should reach out to the JoinedUp support team who be glad to help.

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