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Manage your shift workers & staffing suppliers easier than ever before

June 24, 2024

In today’s dynamic work environment, shift-based temporary workers are vital for cost control and productivity. Now there is a software solution specifically built to manage high-volume, fast-paced shift scheduling, communications, and other management activities.  

By automating staffing engagements and coordinating staffing suppliers/ recruitment agencies and workers, JoinedUp will transform the way you staff and manage shift-based assignments.

Download this complimentary fact sheet to find out how to:
•    Streamline planning, scheduling, & communication 
•    Simplify managing your supply chain 
•    Automate timekeeping and complex rate calculations 
•    Manage legal & regulatory compliance 
•    Minimize manual busywork and errors, maximize productivity

JoinedUp by Beeline will give you the visibility and control you need to manage your complex, high-volume, shift-based workforce.

With JoinedUp, you can respond to changes quickly, filling shifts with the right workers at the right rates.

Achieve your productivity and efficiency targets with a solution that will transform the way you manage temporary shift-based labor. 

Download our fact sheet today. 

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Discover how JoinedUp can simplify managing shift workers and staffing suppliers. 

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