JoinedUp and OA Virtual Event - Tech in the Workplace 2023, March 29

April 19, 2023

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Tech in the Workplace: Challenges of adopting tech to manage shift workers.

Real-time visibility and data is critical to driving businesses forward. Too many businesses are  still relying on manual data processes. 

To solve this problem, some firms turn to single-purpose tech to automate only one part of their process. Then they add another, and then another.  In no time at all, they have created a Frankenstack” - a monstrous mix of mismatched technologies that hinder more than they help. 

Some firms don't have any tech in place – confused by all the options in the market – unsure of what's right and what would be a good fit.

Whether you’re looking to introduce new techstack to optimise your data analysis and reporting capabilities, or you’re already worried about the plethora of tech in your business, listen to real accounts of tech horror stories and come away with practical advice and recommendations to support decision-making with a tech stack right for you. 

Watch this webinar to gain insight into the JoinedUp technology capabilities:

  • simply manage complex scheduling
  • reduce inefficiencies from hours to minutes
  • optimise your data analysis and reporting capabilities
  • improve productivity and reduce payroll errors
  • manage your compliance and risks through automation
  • create greater data and cost transparency


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