Addressing Shift-Based Workforce Compliance Requirements in California

October 21, 2022

Rodrigo Alcaine, Senior VP and Global head of sales and operations here at JoinedUp, has teamed up with Staffing Industry Analysts to produce this eye-opening and very relevant piece of content.

The article addresses the complex legal requirements that remain in California, when it comes to managing shift-based workers. Enhancing the need for companies to update tools and keep up with the rise of the contingent workforce; a critical part of this new workforce composition.

This explores the compliance challenges facing businesses within California. And how lacking the right tools to account for the contingent workforce, not just traditional workers, creates a manual, inefficient process that doesn't meet the demands of today.

The importance of creating an experience that engages workers, to take on shifts is paramount for them to feel assured by on-time and accurate pay. This is a theme that runs throughout the article, showcasing a winning strategy for companies to modernize the way they use technology. It also helps make sure they operate according to compliance needs, and having fit-for-purpose tools like compliance automation and real-time flagging,  to drive engagement in the long-run.

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