Compliance automation for shift-based workforces.

July 20, 2022

Compliance is a huge burden on staffing suppliers. Yet few adopt the tools they need to automate compliance processes and remove arduous admin from consultants.

As the labor market adapts, finding a solution will be key to growth: enabling hirers to enjoy more seamless candidate onboarding, making compliance checks autonomous and increasing visibility.

Adopting shared, end-to-end solutions - like JoinedUp - will help strengthen the partnerships between hirers and suppliers, enabling each to improve their profitability and enhance compliance controls.

Temporary staffing agencies will play a lead role as worker preferences and working patterns change: moving towards more flexible, agile and demand-based ways of working.

As agencies’ labor pools expand to meet the high-volume needs of an expanding client base, the task of day-to-day administration and management is becoming more complex.

They must also navigate a complex compliance landscape when recruiting and onboarding workers and managing their data. Especially in regulated sectors like health and social care.

Compliance becomes more complex as agencies scale to service clients with shift-based workforce needs.

To meet such challenges, many agencies rely on numerous outdated management and admin tools that haven’t kept up with the changing landscape. These produce data silos, where real-time data can’t be used to improve efficiency or direct strategic decisions.

As a result, many agencies are decades behind the rest of the labor market — with some struggling to meet compliance obligations.

We’ll look at some of the compliance and administrative challenges agencies must consider when managing shift-based workforces. 

We’ll also examine how an end-to-end shift-based workforce management system - like JoinedUp - can simplify compliance and build confidence through compliance visibility.

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Industry compliance management

Managing compliance across a number of workers, industries and geographies means there’s a high admin burden, record inaccuracies and lack of compliance evidence for auditors.

Consider factors for individual workers such as:

  • Personal information
  • Tax status and worker eligibility
  • Driving licence status and Driver Qualification cards
  • Necessary qualifications, certifications and proof of training
  • Work experience
  • First aid training status or Health & Safety training status
  • Availability, working time regulations
  • … and often much more.

Only if these can all be verified, should a worker get booked by a shift manager. Without visibility into these factors, it often falls upon the agency to provide evidence and keep records updated for every candidate – a time consuming and risk-laden process.

How do you offload this burden? A centralized platform, where workers submit all relevant information, evidence and status in a secure, easy-to-use platform that provides workers, suppliers and hirers with the visibility they need to make sure their compliance needs are handled.

Maintaining a single source of truth

The Data Protection Act sets out strict requirements for handling and storing information collected during recruitment. It covers application forms, CVs and other applicant information, and data about inactive workers or those who don’t accept their offered positions.

Agencies are also obliged by General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) to issue a privacy notice to all applicants clearly explaining their procedures for handling personal data.

A lack of real-time data management tools makes it challenging for agencies to meet legal GDPR and Data Protection requirements. 

As well as legal implications, collecting large amounts of data leads to agencies working with 'data silos' — vast sets of inaccurate information — that make it more difficult to react swiftly to clients’ labor needs and slow the time it takes to fill positions.

JoinedUp’s shift-based workforce platform lets agencies meet data privacy requirements by centralizing worker data and managing everything from a secure and compliant interface.

There are benefits beyond compliance: JoinedUp’s worker management algorithm dramatically cuts down on no-shows and double-booking by allowing consultants to build rapid shortlists by qualification, experience, location, rate and availability.

Recruitment & turnover

For agencies, a growing number of compliance needs is driving up the financial and time costs of the already expensive continuous recruitment process.

Onboarding, management and end-of-contract administration are subject to a series of legal obligations like privacy, GDPR and the need to check licences and criminal records continually.

Our platform allows candidates to register and apply for roles through the app, which cuts down on paperwork and boosts average time-to-fill by up to 90%. 

It’s also an invaluable tool for compliance. The JoinedUp platforms lets consultants stay on top of licensing and criminal record checks.  It also generates a full audit trail of data to keep agencies in-line with data legislation.     

Day-to-day admin

Working with non-real-time data makes the day-to-day administration of shift-based workforce management costly and time-consuming for agencies.

Consultants often find themselves carrying out last-minute ‘ring-rounds’ to fulfil shifts at the last minute and manually updating outdated data on spreadsheets and other management tools as they go. 

They also rely on manual systems for fundamental day-to-day admin like shift calculation and payroll admin.     

The JoinedUp platform gives consultants a global overview that allows them to effortlessly plan, allocate and reorganize shifts at high-volume via single-click SMS, email and direct messaging. Workers can respond within the app, eliminating the need for last minute ring-rounds.

Digital timesheets create substantial cost savings by capturing worker shift times and automatically calculating pay and charge for shift-based workforces with overtime and other varying rate configurations at play.  

Our JoinedUp platform gives clients access to digital timesheets and charge calculations. The app also lets teams cut out time-consuming manual input and reconciliations through seamless integration with payroll and back-office functions.

Automated error-free calculations remove the margin of error, cutting days off agencies’ financial processes while confidently meeting compliance responsibilities.

Get a JoinedUp approach to shift-based workforce management

We give agencies, workers and hirers a suite of tools for managing shift-based workforces and meeting the complex compliance challenges of the labor market.

It empowers strategic partners to work more collaboratively, minimizing admin work and putting workers in the position to input their compliance-vital information directly into a single platform. Through an easy-to-use app, it keeps everyone on the same page, helping you demonstrate compliance instantly.

Contact us to find out how JoinedUp could help your business with compliance automation.