Optimizing your workforce — A guide for staffing agencies

October 26, 2022

Staffing agencies’ complex workflows rely on excessive manual input and admin from recruiters and consultants to run smoothly.

By simplifying and automating the most time-consuming administrative tasks, we help agencies optimize their workforces. And generate substantial efficiency and financial gains in the process.

JoinedUp by Beeline centralizes your data, giving teams a single platform where they can oversee and control every part of the process.

Our end-to-end staffing management platform is designed to give staffing agencies more control and greater efficiency through every stage of their workflow.

The benefits start with a simplified, app-based experience for candidates. It continues to sophisticated planning and management tools for agencies that make it easy for teams to keep pace with complex shift requirements at scale.

Finally, when integrated with financial and accountancy systems, JoinedUp cuts through complex calculations to generate accurate payroll and invoicing data that takes days off financial processes.  

In this article, we’ll map the agency workflow from end-to-end to discover how we optimize these processes to boost efficiency and profitability.

Join up your workforce management

JoinedUp lets you streamline and optimize workforce management using a single platform for recruitment, planning, fulfilment, finances and more.

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Shift planning and fulfilment

When it comes to planning ahead for clients’ dynamic, shifting labor demands, agencies benefit from using a centralized platform from the outset.

With JoinedUp, project requirements are available alongside a global view of the available workforce. There’s no need to interrogate various systems and databases to plan effectively.

Our central dashboard organizes candidates by suitability, rate, location and real-time availability. It gives staff tools to confidently fill high-volume requirements and reorganize quickly when needs change. Consultants can also confirm bookings with workers via SMS or in-app messaging.

Planning with JoinedUp means you can:

  • Reduce the time it takes to plan and allocate shifts
  • Plan more accurately with fewer costly no-shows and double bookings
  • Be confident about meeting clients’ needs
  • Cut out last-minute ring-rounds to fill vacant positions
  • React quickly to clients’ changing requirements
  • Manage more workers and take on larger projects with no additional headcount or overheads

Improve candidate experience

Candidates register with JoinedUp’s secure app, creating a user profile with personal information, availability, and relevant licensing and criminal record check information. This lets agencies see at a glance that their workforce meets the necessary compliance criteria.

Users see a real-time profile completion percentage statistic with links to submit any outstanding information and receive a reminder when licenses lapse or need to be resubmitted.

Placing the responsibility of registration and profile completion with candidates reduces face-time with consultants and speeds up placing workers into shifts.

App-based worker management from JoinedUp lets you:

  • Reduce admin and cut the time to fill a new position by up to 90%
  • Expand your labor pool without additional admin
  • Keep a secure audit trail of industry-specific compliance and licensing (criminal checks, drivers licenses, etc)
  • Present candidates with a streamlined user experience
  • Reduce unsuccessful hires and drop-offs

Time management and recording

Once workers are successfully onboarded and assigned to projects, they can see their allotted shifts on the Work Calendar in our app. Agencies can send email reminders to prevent no-shows.

Workers also use the app to record their start and finish times (if needed). Our platform generates electronic timesheets automatically, reducing the need for agencies to consult several systems to generate accurate time reporting and payroll data.

It calculates pay and charge instantly, handling complex rate variations, overtime and bonuses with ease.

This slashes admin time and also allows you to foster more open, transparent relationships with both clients and workers. Invoicing and payroll errors will be a thing of the past.

JoinedUp’s time management and recording tools allow you to:  

  • Cut out timesheet generation and processing admin
  • Reduce costly no-shows
  • Eliminate calculation inaccuracies

Finance, payroll and invoicing

Moving to an end-to-end system doesn’t have to mean getting rid of the existing finance and payroll systems.

JoinedUp integrates seamlessly with accountancy and finance systems, feeding in workers’ time records to automatically generate accurate finances.

Agencies can also share their calculations with clients, streamlining invoicing and eliminating errors.

JoinedUp’s easy financial integration means you can:

  • Stop using complicated custom spreadsheets
  • Eliminate costly invoicing and payroll errors
  • Avoid lengthy financial reconciliations
  • Build closer, more trusting relationships with clients

Data-driven insights

At the final stage of our journey, we generate data-driven insights into performance and spend. You can share these with clients to refine and streamline your relationship.

You can also use the reports to optimize your budget, directly cutting sources of financial inefficiency and investing where you can see it’s more effective.

Armed with hard facts and data, you can make better-informed strategic decisions on meeting your agencies’ growth and revenue goals.

With sophisticated reporting from JoinedUp, you can:

  • Cut down on the time it takes to generate reports from siloed data sources
  • Gain actionable data-driven insight into your workforce and management processes
  • Optimize your budget by directing spend where it’s more effective
  • Discover actionable insights about your workforce and management process
  • Make informed, fact-based decisions

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