Cut the chaos out of shift-based staffing

March 8, 2023

The fast-paced world of shift-based staffing is accelerating, creating chaos for staffing agencies trying to fulfill, schedule, and deploy workers to meet clients’ growing expectations.

Too many firms are still using spreadsheets, whiteboards, emails, and shared Google docs to manage temps. And single-purpose apps simply make a dated process faster, without solving its fundamental problems.

JoinedUp’s end-to-end solution is about re-envisioning the entire experience, not just making it faster. Its real-time visibility takes out the element of surprise that frustrates everyone – agencies, workers, and clients. No more chaos. Just a shift-based staffing process that works.

Businesses of all kinds are ramping up. But their progress too often stalls as they struggle to fill shifts. They need more factory workers, drivers, nurses, security, hospitality, distribution, and call center personnel, to name just a few. And staffing agencies are racing to provide the temporary workers to fulfill these assignments.

But the processes and technologies most staffing agencies and clients use to manage these fast-paced, shift-based assignments don't meet today’s needs. The result is unfilled assignments, unhappy clients, and lost staffing agency revenue.

Some agencies have tried to stem this chaos by introducing more automation into their manual,  spreadsheet-and-email-based processes. But these single-purpose apps – scheduling apps, timekeeping apps, invoicing apps – typically speed up only part of the process, creating even more bottlenecks and confusion.

Does this sound like what you're going through? Is it time to talk to someone about adopting new tech to reduce the chaos? Contact us to explore how we can improve efficiency, save you money and help alleviate stress. 

You don’t need a hammer; you need a swiss army knife

You can’t cut through the chaos of shift-based staffing with a hammer – a single-purpose app. You need an end-to-end solution that addresses all the needs of all participants: staffing agency, client, and workers. You need JoinedUp.

JoinedUp automates:

  • Scheduling
  • Shift distribution
  • Time and attendance
  • Complicated rate calculation
  • Compliance
  • Invoicing and payroll

With JoinedUp, there is no more chaos. Our technology fosters true, real-time collaboration between site managers, temporary workers, and staffing firms. Everyone involved understands exactly what’s happening in real-time.

Delivering impressive results

JoinedUp provides a seamless experience for suppliers, workers, and clients. It drives visibility, productivity, and engagement — filling more shifts faster. And it increases overall process efficiency.

Our clients report

  • 27% average increase in staffing supplier productivity
  • 30% (12 hours) saved per recruiter per week
  • Payroll process reduced from 2 days to 30 minutes
  • 90% reduction in worker payroll queries
  • 35% increase in the number of temps per staffing agency employee
  • Each recruiter can easily manage more than 100 workers

We know your chaos because we’ve lived it

JoinedUp understands shift-based workforce management like few other software providers. We have direct experience with the challenges you face since we’ve been solving the problems of shift-based staffing since 2005.

From factories and warehouses to hospitals and classrooms, leading staffing firms and more than 200 brands have used JoinedUp to manage over $2.5 billion in temporary labor spend. And more than 2 million shift hours are booked every year using our platform.

Give yourself a competitive advantage

We help staffing agencies that specialize in placing shift-based workers improve processes and increase efficiency. It automates front-end, customer-facing activities, and back-office processes.

In addition, sophisticated planning and management tools make it easy for agencies to keep pace with complex shift requirements at scale. And, when integrated with financial and accountancy systems, JoinedUp cuts through complex calculations to generate accurate payroll and invoicing data that takes days off financial processes.

From real-time shift fulfillment and tracking to error-free billing and worker payment, JoinedUp reduces overheads and protects your profit margins.

Overall, it helps make your agency more productive, giving you a sustainable competitive advantage.

End shift-based staffing chaos forever

If your staffing firm is struggling to fulfill shift-based assignments using manual processes or single-purpose automation apps, it's time to consider a new solution.

JoinedUp will cut through the chaos and help streamline your operations, increasing productivity and profitability by giving you the tools you need to meet your clients’ demands in the fast-paced world of shift-based staffing.

Do you want to talk with someone about the challenges you are facing? Contact us to talk to the team about how we can help you reduce the chaos.