Press release

JoinedUp grows bookings 75% year-over-year

February 24, 2023

JoinedUp technology managing international shift-based workforces, boosting productivity 27% and increasing bottom line by 35%

LONDON, 23 February 2023 -- JoinedUp, the leading provider of software to manage the growing shift-based workforce, has grown its bookings 75% year-over-year. JoinedUp attributes its growth to the heightened demand for shift-based labor across country lines and the desire to increase efficiencies in managing this critical workforce segment.

In 2022, the company moved to a global focus and entered new vertical markets. With a strong foundation in the United Kingdom of both staffing firms and enterprise customers, JoinedUp has successfully grown its footprint to now serve clients in the Netherlands, Germany, and the United States. Additionally, over the past year, the company has expanded into new industries, most notably hospitality, and logistics.

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