Benefits of end-to-end agency staffing software.

September 28, 2022

Management systems are essential for managing workers. Without them, staffing agencies couldn’t recruit at the rate or scale required to meet clients’ high-volume needs. Managing and paying a shift-based workforce would be impossible.

Many agencies rely on a collection of systems rather than a single centralized platform. A lack of integration makes it difficult to see crucial data and slows down workflows.

What if agencies could use a single system to manage applicant tracking, HR, payroll and more?

Staffing agencies can drive phenomenal financial and labor efficiencies — just by replacing existing management systems with an end to-end platform.

In this article, we’ll look at some advantages of using a global staffing platform. And find out how agencies can benefit from using a single system to centralize their data and automate the most time-consuming processes.

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See your data

The improved data visibility offered by an end-to-end platform is central to many of the benefits explored here.

Put simply, it means all worker and client data exists in a single dashboard. Agencies can easily view, analyze and act on essential stats without having to interrogate and collate information from several systems.

Relevant data is on hand at every stage of the process.

During recruitment, consultants can check applicants meet role, compliance and licensing requirements at a glance.

They can plan, schedule, and fulfil projects faster by matching needs to available candidates. Crucially they can achieve this to budget, because all relevant cost and charge information is available.

Data visualization in action

With a global view of worker and client financial data available, agencies can drill down into the stats to review spending, improve margins and optimize their budgets.

Our JoinedUp by Beeline platform makes this process even more manageable. With automated KPI reporting, agencies can use it to design data-led strategies for increasing profitability and fueling growth.

Review your spend

With a global financial data overview, agencies can see - at a glance - if they’re spending efficiently and correct any areas of spend inefficiency.

Know your margins

Data visualization, combined with automated financial tools that generate error-free calculations, allow agencies to get an accurate picture of their margins and adjust pay and charge accordingly.

Optimize your budget

Armed with enhanced financial insight, agencies optimize budgets by directing spend where they see it working efficiently.

Be more dynamic

Having worker and project data available in a central dashboard lets agencies react quickly to clients’ changing labor demands and cut down on costly under or over-hires.

Align your objectives

Data visualization isn’t just a benefit for agencies. Automated KPI reporting lets agencies share data-driven insights with clients and align their objectives more accurately.  

Get automated

Much of agencies’ day-to-day work is taken up by repetitive tasks like shift allocation, planning, calculation and payroll admin.

By automating the most time-consuming work, agencies could save days from the work week. This allows consultants to expand their managed workforce with no additional cost, administration or headcount required.

Automating processes also eliminates human error. Agencies can spend less time on lengthy reconciliations and make more accurate data-driven strategic decisions.  

Automation in action

There are opportunities to introduce automation at almost every touchpoint of the agency workflow.

Freed from the most time-consuming manual tasks, agencies can focus their people and money on increasing revenue and growth.

Increase productivity

Data from our clients shows reduced recruitment and onboarding admin can improve the average time to fill shifts by up to 90%.

Capturing time and attendance with auto-generated timesheets saves even more time — and automatic shift calculations take days off financial processes.

Together, these add up to a 27% increase in end-to-end efficiency, leaving agencies free to scale without taking on additional headcount.

Boost profitability

All of the benefits we’ve looked at so far result in an impressive boost for the bottom line. Improved automation and data visualization increase revenue and profit, so agencies can quickly go beyond ROI on their management platform.

For example, our calculator shows a small UK agency with three consultants managing 50 workers each, and working to a profit margin of £0.75 per worked-hour, could generate over £70K of additional gross profit annually.    

See JoinedUp in action

With figures as convincing as these, it’s no wonder an end-to-end management platform is one of the most powerful catalysts for agency growth and efficiency improvements.

To find out what JoinedUp’s powerful data visualization and process automation tools could do for your agency, talk to us about where you’re facing the biggest challenges.