Case study

Client uncovers $1.4 million in potential cost savings.

November 21, 2023

"JoinedUp has helped us coordinate the financial links between our extended workforce, HR, and operations. The data the system provides us is robust and useful when forecasting, planning, and completing accruals."
— Head of staffing operations, hospitality client

Client uncovers $1.4 million in potential cost savings while replacing error-prone manual processes with staffing automation.

A global leader, recognized for its commitment to operational excellency, recognized a weakness in its handling of shift-based workers provided by staffing suppliers.

In addition to meeting day-to-day and minute-to-minute scheduling requirements, the organization needed overall visibility to manage its workforce more strategically and improve financial performance.

Their goal was to correct this inconsistency by aligning all properties using standardized processes and establishing uniform controls and pay structures for third-party suppliers.


A game-changer for shift-based staffing

The client recognized a groundbreaking amount of monthly break cost savings JoinedUp could potentially capture through better management and approval processes with automatic tracking.


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