Press release

Investment powering the growth phase of JoinedUp.

May 3, 2022

The current business environment is rife with disruption. Talent shortages, changing candidate expectations, wage inflation, and rapidly changing business needs are making it difficult for companies to operate at full capacity and drive meaningful growth.

This is particularly true the closer you get to the point of work being done. Shift-based workers are critical to meeting client demand, whether that’s a forklift operator in a factory or a nurse in a hospital room. Increasingly, businesses are relying heavily on staffing firms to find new sources of candidates, create better worker experiences, and minimize the heavy lifting site managers must do to staff their teams.

JoinedUp has played an important role in helping both staffing firms and end-clients adjust to the challenges in this changing environment. Our technology enables better visibility, greater efficiency, and ultimately, more filled shifts.

These successes led to our acquisition by Beeline early last year. Their commitment to our business has been instrumental to our ability to grow our team this year and accelerate our innovation. Today Beeline announced that the company has received a material strategic investment by Stone Point Capital, a leading private equity firm with an outstanding track record in the human capital technology industry.

For our clients, this investment means an acceleration of the work we’re doing behind the scenes to create the best possible technology for managing shift-based workers, now and into the future. It also means a continued focus on and investment in customer service.

This investment also means growth. We will continue to hire the best internal talent to bolster our technology expertise and customer service and support. We also anticipate expansion into new territories, enabling us to operate in markets where our clients need us.

We see this investment as further support of our vision to provide industry-leading technology to change how customers, end-clients and workers approach on-demand labour. We’ve never been more excited for the future of JoinedUp by Beeline.